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               This New Year in 2012 GMC Nagpur Blog is presenting “Mega Fish Hunt 2012” for 2007 batch. Before leaving the college tell our batch-mates what you like in them & what you don’t, tell them what they should change and what they should not? Tell them whatever you think they should know and you think about them!

         And Of Course this all thing can be told Anonymously, which means no name of the comment maker will be displayed! So be ready to make funny comments on the others and well as be read ready to read the same on yours!

           So start Hunting Now!

Event Open:

From: 7th Jan

To: 8th Feb

GMC Nagpur Next arrow tag

           Show your talent to all the GMC Nagpur students by  this common portal of internet! Ask yourself a question “Which of the following are my qualities and which of them I think I should go ahead with in my pleasure time?” And when you find an answer post your talent at “” and then BOOM!

       What do you like of following:

a rock star at gmc nagpur site Are you a singer?

dancer at gmc nagpur siteAre you a dancer?

painter at gmc nagpur

Or are you a Painter?

we'll search youOr you are a Photographer, a writer or even storyteller,ect. and lots many more of your hidden talents at GMC, Nagpur!

              We’ll search and publish your talent at GMC Nagpur blog and website. Submit your talent at “”!

Show your talent at GMC Nagpur blog by students for students.

The comments below are made open so that you can tell us and suggest us if some events are missed by us and just you want to tell us something. Please don’t hesitate to tell us!

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