About Us

Our Team

Ashima Saxena(Currently not active)

Harshraj Bhendale

Rahul Prasad

Vikas Kumar Srivastava

Bhushan Thombre

  1. Ghanshyam Hatwar

    superb blog!!!!! …………. can i join this , i m GMCian 10 batch ?

    • Bhushan Thombre

      Yes Ghanshyam, you can defiantly join. Please contact me. You can take my phone number from my batchmate, also please send me an email on submit.gmcnagpur@gmail.com describing your skills and field of interest. Tough very detail technical knowledge is not required but please specify particularly if you have any. I’m also searching some more volunteers, please tell your friends also if interested.

  2. great blog…i remember ashima told me about it, but i just got here today..!
    a very talented team..let me know if i ca help in any way.

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