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NEET PG 2013: An expert Review On Supreme Court Decisions(2nd April)


(OK! But who is fighting for me?)

NEET PG 2013: An Expert Review On Supreme Court Decision

We are here with Dr. Anantprakash Saraf, an intern at the GMC Nagpur of 2007 Batch. He is generally the one the who get us the news about the various exams like NEET PG Exam, even before rest of the India knows about it. He is giving us up to date information about the NEET PG Cases going on in Supreme Court since the beginning. He is aware of the NEET PG Supreme Court Case since when the first case against the NEET PG and MCI , is filed by CMC Vellore. So we expect from him some of the insight regarding the NEET PG Cases going on the Supreme Court.

1. Hi Anant. Please tell us about actually who and over What topics they are  Fighting in the Supreme Court in the NEET PG case?


Private medical colleges, deemed universities and two states Tamil Nadu and Andhra pradesh are fighting against MCI and Union of India for seeking exemption from NEET PG and UG examinations as notified by MCI under  law by two gazette notifications in year 2010 and 2012..

The main and common point of conflict is to which extent the statutory regulatory body under the constitution of India i.e. MCI can regulate  medical admissions of private aided or unaided, minority or non  minority institutions..

2. Please tell us about the NEET PG Cases in the Supreme Court, whatever happened till date in short from the beginning till date?


It all started in 2010 when MCI was dissolved and a new board of Governers was constituted by Government of India. Taking cue from suggestions made by Supreme Court itself MCI came up with Gazette Notification of NEET PG. Some private colleges and CMC Vellore moved to the court against it. MCI got a nod for conducting NEET PG from court in such a case. Then in 2011 came up a document from MCI BOG called VISION 2015 proposing reforms in medical education and MCI decided to go ahead with NEET PG Examination from 2012. In the meanwhile MCI again got a go ahead from the  Supreme Court in another case.

In between all the confusion and uncertainties MCI got a jolt from AIIMS, New Delhi which expressed incapacity to conduct such a big exam. So MCI again issued a gazette notification in February 2012 and asked NBE(National Board of Examination) to conduct NEET PG Examination. With all secrecy every one kept mum till September’12 end, when shockingly came the NEET PG Exam notification. Then followed a series of litigation’s against MCI in courts all over India by Private Colleges. MCI requested Supreme court to transfer all cases to Apex court and club them, thus was born the mega case of NEET Transfer Case (Civil) 98/2012.

As there are over 75 Private colleges as petitioner, each counsel taking its own long time to put up arguments, case is seeming to extend till eternity…

3.  What is the current position of the NEET PG Case in Supreme Court and  What is the Verdict Expected to come taking in consideration the  discussions done up till now?


Case is listed for further hearing on 2nd April.. Court is listing the case on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday every week, but hearing being uncertain due to many reasons. With barely 15 hearings remaining before court goes on vacation(from 13 may till 1st July), chances of early verdict seem dismal.

Nothing can be guessed about final verdict, as it completely depends on constitutional interpretation and the sense of justice of the Judges of Chief  Justice’s court..

4. In whose favor is the Supreme Court Result is expected to come?


As I said no one can predict.. But if we see the history of verdicts  in many important cases, it may be a mixed verdict.. I mean some   points of both the parties may be considered..

5.Is there any estimation about about when the NEET PG 2013 Result Declaration will be done?


Most likely after final Supreme Court Verdict, as chief justice has already rejected  plea for interim order for results about 20 times!!

6.Please also explain about the Holi holidays of Supreme Court?


Who am I to explain this? With all due respect to the Supreme Court, Me too find it absurd and weird that when more than 3 crore cases are  pending in courts of India, how can they have Holi vacation of 1 week  and summer vacation of one and half months!

No contempt of court intended..

7.What is the status of NEET PG 2014? Will it happen or not, please explain?What about All India Exam?


While the concept of ‘NEET’ hangs in balance, one thing is sure that there will be an exam for 50% quota seats even if MCI looses.. Now whether that will be called NEET or AIPG is  uncertain.. Whether MCI  asks AIIMS or NBE to conduct that, one thing is most likely that it  will be a CBT i.e. Computer based test, because its safer, world wide  tested and trusted method and AIIMS is also debuting this MAY in the  world of CBT..

8.What should the students selected in the other exams like(JIPMER and   NIMHANS) should do? Should they take the seat or wait for NEET PG 2013  Result?


These are ‘institutes of national importance’ and those lucky and super talented people selected are wise enough to take their own decisions.. Best luck to all of them..

9. Anything you want the readers should know about the what happening  with us and tips for other students? Any advice to seniors if possible?


No tips.. Mujhe khud tips ki jarurat hai..

Thank you Anant for giving us this valuable insight into what’s actually going on in the NEET PG Supreme Court Case and telling us over actually what topics they are fighting…..We all hope that the result will come soon and our misery will end.

If you want to ask questions or just drop a word about the post supporting or opposing what is being discussed please do reply in comments.. It will be a great encouragement and Anant might try to clear to our doubts.

And most importantly please share this post with your colleagues on Facebook and Twitter, if you find it even little interesting to read….

NEET PG 2013: An expert Review On Supreme Court Decisions

There are many question currently on going in the mind of every medical student in the India.

  1. What does just happened? The NEET exam is preponed from the estimated date the NEET Exam Results are delayed for indefinite time? What types of sins we have done in last life?
  2. What is the current position of case of NEET in Supreme Court and what are the verdict which are expected to come through the cases?
  3. What are they actually fighting about in the Supreme Court about NEET PG Entrance Exam?
  4. What are the status of the NEET Entrance Exam 2014? Will it happen of will it just be All India Exam like last year?
  5. What should we do now? Take admission in the colleges like NIMHANS  and JIPMER if you are selected or to wait for the NEET ENTRANCE 2013 result?
  6. What’s the future if the NEET PG result does not come by July? And the concerns about the Supreme courts Holi Holidays?

All these topics will be discussed by our expert on the topic who is following the supreme court cases on NEET PG  since 2013, a student of GMC Nagpur and a very talented person Dr. Anant Saraf. Tune up for the getting the insight into the NEET PG and Supreme Court.

Here we are with the post. You can now read it on:

What is Testing ID for NEET PG Practice Test?

Testing ID for NEET PG recently updated Practice Test is same as the Roll Number or the Registration ID on your Admit Card..

Don’t type SR infront of the Roll no if having problems…

There are limited number of times for which you can give the test..

Just 36 questions, most of them oneliners like DNB exams…


NEET PG Practice Test Module by NBE is declared to come by 23 October 2012. Hope they will not postpone the date…

All The Dates at All the Centres are Filled at every state In NEET PG Exam on First Half Day

Do NBE thinks its joke to conduct such a big exam and become hero…

Failures of NBE this yet in the starting only LISTED:
1) Forms made available at Mumbai, Nanded, Ahemadnagar, Pune, etc before 4th October, while this is important to students to get early forms when they are deciding our faith by first come first serve basis.

2) No enough forms are made available.

3) Not fair distribution of forms by banks:
eg. There are 20 Axis bank available at Delhi alone which has I think 5 Medical colleges, and Only 2 branches made available for form distribution in whole Vidharbha where there at least 8 medical college. Is this even ethical to think..

5) You might be belonging to metro cities but not all student belong to there… There are as many as 1/3 rd of my MBBS friends who cant operate mouse properly, how they are supposed to fill the forms, and Mighty GOD knows what will happen to their thorough and sound medical knowledge in the so called Computer Based Exam….THE NEET

6) Todays last issue but the Best one I think where NBE Screwed up: Even after doing all these and making inadequate forms available, all the seats at all the states at all the centres are filled in just half day of the very first day…. Thats the ultimate …

God Bless NBE!  Best Luck Us!

Various Online NEET PG MOCK TEST Compared-Last Update 1st October

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IAMS NEET PG Mock SeriesStarting From29 Sep 2012Test FrequencyEvery SaturdayTest Duration3 hoursTotal Questions (as per NEET Pattern)240Total Test in IAMS Mock SeriesFive (Each Saturday)Medium of TestEnglish & Computer based testAccess URLwww.iamsonline.inFee for IAMSonians (Regular/Crash/Foundation Students)FreeFee for IAMSonians (Internet Courses)FreeFee for IAMSonians (Postal Courses)Rs 2000/-Fee for others (non IAMS Students)Rs 2000/-Ranks AvailableNoExplanation AvailbleNoScore Card at End of TestYes

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NEET Pattern Confirmed

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AIIMS Announces All India Medicine Quiz From 2012 Onward


AIIMS Announces All India Medicine Quiz From 2012 Onward


Official Notice:


AIIMS Medical Quiz: Invitation
Dear Sir/ Madam,
We  are  pleased  to  announce  that  this  year  onwards,  All  India  Institute  of  Medical
Sciences,  New  Delhi,  will  be  organizing  the  “AIIMS  MEDICAL  QUIZ”  for  MBBS final
professional students throughout the country.
This  quiz  aims  to  promote  scholastic  excellence  and  competence through  healthy  and
fair competition and at the same time, provide a venue for interaction amongst students
from colleges/institutes all over India. This initiative is a part of organizational goal to
promote  academic  and  professional  excellence  in  all  of  its  endeavours  and  develop
medical professionals.
AIIMS is honoured to invite your college/institute as one of the participants in the quiz.
Should  your  college/institute  be  interested  to  join,  we  have  attached  the  details,
mechanics and the nomination form for your convenience. Please note that the first
50 entries (teams, each team comprising of two students) will be taken in for next
round, strictly on a first come first served basis.
We are looking forwards to your active participation and appreciate your contribution
in supporting our mission of upholding academic excellence.
We are hoping for your favourable response. Thank you very much.
Prof RV Azad
Prof RC Deka
New Delhi
Prof RV Azad
AIIMS Medical Quiz
Dr Rakesh Yadav
Sub Dean (Academic)
Member Secretary,
AIIMS Medical Quiz2
Nomination Form
AllMS Medical Quiz 2012
Organized by
All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi
Name of the college/ institute:
We hereby nominate following students of MBBS final Professional of our
college/institute to participate in AllMS Medical Quiz 2012.
SN  Name of the Student  Semester Roll No. Signature of
Signature of the College/ Institute’s Head
Seal/Stamp with date
Important to note:
¾ Please send the nomination form on or before 17th
September 2012, by speed
post/registered post/FAX and e­mail with scanned copy of the nomination
form on the address given on the next page.
¾ Students are required to carry their Photo ID card issued by their present
college/ institute authority for verification and a copy of the nomination form. 3
AllMS Medical Quiz 2012: Rules & regulations
1. General
From this year onwards, AIIMS will organise “AIIMS MEDICAL QUIZ” as an annual event. This
quiz will be open for all the MBBS final professional students. There will be three rounds to choose
the winners of this quiz.
2. Rounds
2.1. Round 1
First 50 teams (100 students) will be selected from all over India, and the selection will be based on
recommendations from Dean/ Principal/ Vice Chancellor of colleges/ institutes, on a First Come First
Served basis, which will be decided on the date and time of e-mail received. This e-mail should be
sent from the Dean/ Principal/ Vice Chancellor, and must include a scanned copy of the nomination
form. The hard copy is essential for documentation and verification purposes.
Any e-mails from students themselves are not acceptable in this regard.
Only one entry (team of 2 students) per college/ institute will be accepted.
2.2. Round 2
These 50 teams (100 students) will appear for a written examination at AIIMS, New Delhi, which will
be organised during PULSE 2012. The examination will include MCQs only.
On the basis of the results of Round 2, the top SIX teams (12 students) will qualify for the final round.
These six teams will be provided free accommodation at AIIMS till the final round (Round 3).
2.3. Round 3
Round 3 will be the final and deciding round, and will be organised on 25
September 2012, at J L N
Auditorium, AIIMS, New Delhi.
3. Prizes
¾ FIRST: Rs 1,00,000 only
¾ SECOND: Rs 75,000 only
¾ THIRD: Rs 50,000 only
4. Important dates to remember :
• Last date of receipt of nominations by speed post/registered
post/FAX and by email with scanned copy of nomination form
September 2012
• Round 2 at AIIMS (at 10 am)
• Declaration of results of Round 2 (at 5 pm)
September 2012
September 2012
• Round 3 (Final round) at AIIMS 25
September 2012

5. Address for correspondence :
a) Dr Rakesh Yadav,
Sub Dean (Academic),
Teaching block,
AIIMS, New Delhi 110029
b) E mail :
c) FAX : 011-26588641, 26588663
We strongly recommend quick correspondence via e-mail with scanned copy of nomination
form to ensure your entry/notification of acceptance is within time.


AIIMS Exam Form Available from 17/2/2012


Official Notice:

Size: 16 cm x 16 cm (BW advt)
Applications are invited in the prescribed form through online mode for admission to AIIMS-PG
(MD/MS/M.Ch. (6 years) / MDS / MHA and Post Doctoral (DM/M.Ch) Courses as well as Ph.D.
programme for January 2013 session. For Eligibility criteria and availability of seats in various
departments / disciplines, please visit AIIMS website
DATE OF ENTRANCE EXAMINATION: (i) MD/MS/M.Ch.(6 years)/MDS – 18.11.2012 in Chennai,
Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai & Guwahati ; (ii) DM/M.Ch/MHA – 16.12.2012 in Delhi Only; (iii) Ph.D. –
20.01.2013 in Delhi only.
The Prospectus and application forms will be made available on AIIMS website
w.e.f. 17.09.2012 and must be read carefully by the applicants before applying. The Application fee is Rs.
1000/- (Rs.800/- in case of SC/ST candidates).
Application Procedure: A candidate can submit application only Online through Internet. Visit, read the Prospectus, Help Manual and other details carefully and follow the
instructions given therein. The candidate can pay the application fee through a Challan Form (to be
downloaded from internet while applying on-line) in any branch of State Bank of
India/Debit/Credit Card. Transaction / Processing Fee as applicable will be payable to the Bank by
the candidates.
1. Online Registration of Application on 17.09.2012 to 15.10.2012
2. Last Date for applying On-line and closing of Registration 15.10.2012 (up to 5:00 P.M.)
1. Sponsored candidates of Central/State Govt./Armed forces/PSU/Autonomous Bodies as well as Foreign
National candidates are also required to fill in the prescribed online application form indicating their
choice of the subject (only one subject).
2. The foreign nationals are required to also send their filled in Application (Downloaded copy of
Registration Slip) through Diplomatic Channel.
3. Such sponsored candidates as well as foreign national candidates are required to appear in the
Competitive Entrance Examination along with other candidates.
4. Those applying on 15/10/2012 i.e. on the last date of closing and are unable to deposit the fee on the
same day must deposit fee in the designated Bank latest by following next working day (i.e. upto
16/10/2012) failing which their candidature will not be considered and no query/ correspondence in this
regard will be entertained.
5. The application for the above Entrance Examination will be considered only after confirmation of
payment of fee from the concerned Branch of designated Bank to the Account holding Branch of
6. Incomplete applications not supported by application fee by 16/10/2012 shall be rejected and no
claim shall be entertained.
This Admission Notice is also available on Internet at www. and


AIIMS Exam Postponed


Exam is postponed to 18 th november. See on the official site at


Following information is given in the notice:-


The Entrance Examination for admission to MD/MS/M Ch (6 yrs) and MDS courses for
January, 2013 Session of AIIMS, New Delhi will be held on Sunday the 18
2012 in Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Guwahati.
The on-line registration of application forms will start from third week of September, 2012
on AIIMS web site and the last date for registration of
applications will be 15.10.2012 (up to 5:00 PM).

The Prospectus and number of seats available in each subject/discipline along with other
details will be available on above website in due course.


NEET pattern Gazette from MCI

A new gazette is published by MCI describing and confirming the NEET this year. Tough the pattern of the paper and the distribution of paper is not described other things are have a look at it yourself.

Some of the important points are:-

1) First there is NEET

2) The merit list will be on the percentile baisis.

3) In Clause 5  it is mentioned that the 10-30 % of benefit  after ruler service.

See the other details at the following gazette from the following link at MCI site:-

1) Old Gazette

2) New Gazette

AIPGMEE 2012 Exams Result

AIPORTANT NOTICE Date: 14-02-2012 Postponement of Declaration of Result of AIPGMEE-2012 This is for information to the candidate who appeared in All India PG Medical/ Dental Entrance Examination 2012 that Directorate General of Health Services has filed an I.A. before Hon’ble Supreme Court of India for seeking permission to do on-line counseling ( on-line seat allotment) in place of counseling by personal appearance and increasing number of candidate allotment process. In this connection the result of All India PG Medical/Dental Entrance Examination 2012 will be declared in due course of time after getting approval from the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India

Concluded List of All Comments made in Mega Fish Hunt 12 Event

Here comes the last day of the very successful Mega Fish Hunt Event for 2007 batch thanks to you on the GMC Nagpur Students Blog.

          Thank you to all of you for commenting and keeping comments cool during the complete event!

Following is the list of all the comments to read at a single place. Happy Reading, you can still comment but the comments will not be anonymous as was during the event! Enjoy it!

List From Z to P:

Rashmi Bhatt
[she is nice girl and also talented]

Yogesh Rathod

Yogesh Ghate
[Kya halat bana rakhi hai ,,kuch leta q nai???]

Vivek Sathe

Vishnu Agarwal
[Rajestan se aaya mera dost dost ko salam karo]

Vishal Shitode

Vineet Pilania
[what can be said about him he has all the good quality that one can have]

Vaibhav Mesare

Vinayak Shinde

Vikrant Mahajan

Vikrant Kalamb
[Vikya jamthi cha raja.. Hehehe the branded dude

[sidha swabhao aur tmhari mast prsonality ka prabhao,kisi k kahne se kuch nhi hota,tum jaise ho achhe ho,rhna aise hi chahe jahan b jao…grt frnd]

[ghum aaya saale apne “doston” ke sath …….

hmari yad to ratti bar bi nai aayi hogi…..tere “dost” jo tere sath the…..
sahi hai lga rahe ….aur yaad aaye kbi hmari….to aa jaio….
u r one dumb yet intelligent and cute friend of mine….

thanku for being in life…..]

Vikas Kumar Srivastava

[thanx for being dere wid me whnev i needed u….n sory for nt being dere wid u whnev u needed me………]

[mere bhai mere dost poems ko hame bhi sunao..]

[he is nice guy…]

[geeta me kya likha hai ” aaj jo tera hai wo kal kisi aur ka hoga ”
snehal kal teri thi aaj kisi aur ki hai aur kal kisi aur ki hogi..]

[hme pata chale to sunae na…..]

[As i knw maine jiska sath diya usne b mera hmesha sath diya..aap jo b ho aisa kbi mt sochna..i lv ma evry bye]

Varsha Rahangdale

Varsha Barai

[you dont know how and what to speak in public]

[Kya yr shadi ki aur bulaya bhi nahi, bahut dard hua muje]

[Kabhi toh bolne se pehle socha kar]

Vansha Singh

[you have achieved what you want to achieve and will achieve in your future]
[nice gal..grt cmpany..ll alwz miss u..]

Vaibhav Turkar

Vaibhav Khadse
[Politics kami khela raje ho]

Vaibhav Aglawe

Vaibhav Aglawe

Utsav Sharma
[Utsav itna direct mat bola kar yar its hurt]
[sorry boss. no intentn to hurt anyone..]
[koi baat nai utsav hota rehta hai….koi nai aur mil jayegi….usse bi achi…]
[sexiest boy of gmc..had a crush..i think i still lv him..]

[bs wanna say k tmhara apnapan which u presnt in form of ur aawsm feelings eidr bing hurtd by me or giving me a lovely hug,wtevr it is,ll alwz remain in ma hrt sexyyyy…ur lovely smil nd teasing are d most beautiful gifts i gt frm u…
b d same nd lete rho hm logo ki…
duaayen darling]

[bs wanna say k tmhara apnapan which u presnt in form of ur aawsm feelings eidr bing hurtd by me or giving me a lovely hug,wtevr it is,ll alwz remain in ma hrt sexxxxy…ur lovely smil nd teasing are d most beautiful gifts i gt frm u…
b d same nd lete rho hm logo ki…
duaayen darling]

[kya kahu tere baare me….
tere liye to puri poem hi likh di tere bday pe…..

usme jo do tin prefix suffix chooth gye ho wo khud lga liyo….baki tje pata hi hai…..

aur ye kahunga ki tu un kuch talented bacho me se jinse main aajtaj mila hun…..apne talent ko kahi khone mat dena…..aur baki duaon me yaad rkhna…..bas ab kahi likhte likhte mar hina jaun…..

thanku for being in my life…]

Tijil Agarwal
[polite and talented..]

Tapasya Bharti

Tanvi Komawar

Swati Sorushe

Swati Sorushe

Swapnil Madghe

Swapnil Chopde

Swapnil Bhowalu
[Helpful 4 gals always
Never said no to a gal.

Dnt know log achche logo ke sath bura q krte hai

He is d best frnd to have]

[He is nice guy and talented too]

[man let me tell you one thing, faltu ke problems me mat padte ja..]

Swapna Patil

[yar jagah k liye itna mat zagda kar…exam me kuch bacche dar jate hai]


[had crush on u bt u r simply unlovabl..]

Supriya Bobde

[she is nice girl…]

[nice gal..js chang ur attitude fr sm..]

Snehal Thamke

[try to change urself…..atleast a littl bit…..]

[thanx vikas….n same here….]


Snehal Pakhale

[she is a very chubby cushion…always there to comfort you..
sometimes moody.. but a total kid..

and she also throws tantrums sometimes 😀
like..”jab mei yaha se chali jaungi naa tab tum mujhe yaad karoge..”
n “jab mei patli ho jaungi na tab dekhna..”

and we’ve been waiting for that day..eagerly..!!]
Sneha Parve>

Sneha Lanjhe

Shubhangi Madankar

Shubham Malpani

[ae dhondu…just chill….actually…..]

[aapko maine mota bhai isliye kaha h..qki apni zndgi me apka badappan mehsus kiya h…u r such a swt hrt mota bhai…alwz wants to talk u,hear u,say smthng 2 u,nd ya also d senty dialogs…
wt shud i say i dnt u js plzz dnt mind smone nd b as u r..u hv d naturaly beatiful hrt dear..ur lov is grt]

[plz maaf kr dena agar kbi maine kuch galat bol diya ho…..i know i can be rude sometimes……actually many tyms…..
u r one who want to live life ur way….not as the others say or as the others do… the same forever……
thanku for being in my life……]
Shraddha Pawar

[u r very nice nd a cute girl..alwys wants to b ur gd frnd..b d same]

Shivraj More

[main to bas ek hi cheez kahunga……
koi kitna bi sharif ho hmare more jaisa nahi ho skta……..plz haso mat yar……..i m really serious…
he is one friend who is up for nething……thanku for being in my life…..]

[Kolhapur q gaya tha????? Kolhapuri mirchi chakhi ki nahi….]
[suna hai shivraj ko kolhapur bahut pasand aaya…]

[more baba ki jai ho…..]

Shefali Chavan

[me blackbelt nahi….koni sangitla he?? taekwondo shikli aahe 2 exam dilya..national level silver…belt-GREEN]

[you are the most gorgeous girl in our class….just looking at you would make someones r radiating with style….and just looking st u would make the song ‘yellow’ by coldplay play in my head.]

[Navachi blackbelts,,]

Sheetal Gite

[aapki haair style cool h…]

[om sai ram..]

Sharvari Lothe

[so swt to talk..
simpl beauty,soft natute bt very fast…]
Saurabh Raut

Saurabh Patil

[Mai to pehlese keh raha Tu Hamesha Sahi baat kar Deta hai]

Saurabh Hadke

[phone se baate ki jati hai net pe kam baita jata hai]

[agreed….thoda kam fattu reh be tu]

[All Further Comments Are Blocked on Mr. Saurabh Hadke.]

Sarika Tote

Sanket Mohata

[he is one friend who can be smart yet elegant……and i am a big fan of his talent…..thanku for being in my life……]

[Most eligible bachelor of 07 batch.. Patao yr kisiko]

[apne gore badan ko dhak ke rakha karo yar…..kyunki aajkal logon ki nazare bohot gandi ho gyi hainn….]
[bole to mere liye kahi b chalne ko kuch b krne ko hmesha ready..dil jeet liya yaar smiling]

Sanket Gaidhane
[underline word “guy”]

[he is talented defiantly just one quality doesnt make a person bad.]

[nice person very well spoken…stay the same coz the world already has too many idiots..]

[lov d wy u respect fo ny1..nd ofcours ur frndship..]

[He is.nice guy..]

Sandeep Jawade

Sana Mirza

[phone pe kam baat kiya karo]

[you are a nice girl…knowing u has been a pleasure…]

[lovely voice..grt frnd..]

[it was so tough to find your name..i looked for kausar..then mirza then afzal then baig..finally found you in sana…
you’re a sweet disaster…!
love you!!
and ya i agree there are times i feel like throwing your phone out of the window..!
and more often throwing you’re a naughty pig..:)]

[A very jolly person u d luv to spend tym with..always there to help me out of wierd situations….ever enthusiastic..pta nai itni energy kaha se lati hai..js luv d way u r!!!]

[even i wonder itni energy kaha se lati hai ye ladki. m a big fan of u sana.]

[do u knw dt it ws ur voice which hd a big influenc on my hrt…dnt knw wy bt apki aawaz aur mastttttt kr dene wali baton k diwane h hm…apka wo kuch b innocently bolna sbke samne aur phir pyar se hansna..grrrrrrrrrrt]

Samidha Malewar

Saket Khetan

[biggest ladaaka of our college..he can even fight in your dreams…
fun to hang out with..and we’re going to be friends forever..!]

[banda h cool,ho jati h kbi kbi bhool…khud me chahe jitne b busy ho dost,pr na bhulna dosti ka usool…
grt sense of humr..nice wd frnds]
Saiprasad Kunturkar

[sai a great friend to have]

[guess who commented this????]

[sbka sahara isliye to sai naam tmhara..
bana lo unhe ab apna sahara..real man wd grt wy f handling ny situatn..lov ur cmpany dear]
[u r a personality who wud do nething for his friends and wud not want nething in return…..
agneepath bi hit ho gyi saale..100 cr se zyada kama liya….badhai ho….

thanku for being in my life….]
Sagar Shrirao

[mere bhai thodasa rahem]

Sagar Raut

[ab to bata de yar uska naam….apne doston ko….]

[tmhara hr andaaz mje pasand h..grt support in all situatns..lov d wy u r..grt frnd f mine]

[are yr ap bhi na… Ab kya rulaoge kya????]

[tu goa nai aaye saale aur tje pata hai na kya miss kiya tne???
aisa hota hai jb apne doston ke sath nai jate na!!!!
agli baar yaad rkhio….

u r a great friend and thanku for being in my life…]
Sagar Bhambhere

Rudrapratap Thakur

[aur bhai kya haal chaal??]

Rucha Chandne

[A known case of protein energy malnutrition]

Roshan Ingle

Rohit Pande

[a talent at wrong place]

Rohit Meshrama

[Kabhi tho normal logo jaise baithe kiya kar]

[d SMS king…
a very gd frnd..
made C batch differnt..salute to ur dedicatn]
Rishabh Gothi

[how to handle people is to be learned form him]

[u r a nice guy…but u act like a wannabe sometimes]

Rati Deshpande

[only nice marathi speaking gal in 07]

[u r a nice person…]

[sweet bubbly gal…with a contagious hasi!! an awesome company to be with.]

[awesome company!]

Rashul Prasad
[why so sad my friend..??]

Rashmi Wankhede

[Kuch to bola karo yr.. Dikhne me to tm acchi ho, bolne me kaisi ho pata to chale…]

Rashmi Kotkar

[swt nature nd a nic frnd…]

Rashmi Bhatt

Ranjendra Fiske

Rajesh Kunchelikar

Rahul Waghmare

[very true hearted n jolly person]

Rahul Prasad

[Prasad jee hame apne saath rakhne ke liye thank you..]

Rahul Jibhkate

[show coolness in every thing he do]

[duniya ka sabse bada wannabe….ye ladka nahi price tag hai..]

[Hobassness ki hadh]

Radhika Umale
[wt abt life partnr dear??]

[bapree…life partnr?!!! u seem to be more eager than i am!!!!]

[‘marathanjali’??? what does this even mean?!! comment karna hi hai to esi to b karo jo samaz me aae!!!]

[her attitude is tough like boy and she is persistent like girl. so she is combination of both of both worlds..]

[‘Apsara’ shabd puresa ahe mala watat]

[1st thing I notice on ur face is ‘Ur smile’
keep smiling..]

[thats pretty direct whoever it is….]

[marathanjali…… more:)]

[so what now???]

[like d wy u talk nd also ur smile..nice frnd]

Punit Jhanwar

[smart fast talker. we are not talented enough to interpret your deadly fast language..]

[Marfan syndrme]

Pritish Kumbhare

Pritish Kumbhare

Preeti Thakre

Preeti Mundhada

[she is musician,dancer(sometime) besides study and very good friend…]

[A great personality..]

Praveen Kutemate

[a very well behaved and soft spoken guy….any chic would b happy to have a guy like you..]

Praveen Kose

[Matlab log kehte ki sachcha dost daantata hai
Bt i’ve faced u.]


Pratik Dhok

[feel free to express yourself…]

[Pak pak pakau .gmc ka sabse bada pakau !]

Prashant Tejankar

Pranali Thombre

[even after opposition be persistent]

Prajakta Korde
[Action potential]

Praful Hulke

[Hello world]

[golu motu…yaaro ka yaar! glad to be your friend!]

[dhanyawadji…par aap jo bi ho…i just luv u…]

Prabhat Nangia

[you are supercool dude..]

[extremely polite and well behaved….a rarity in todays world…yet the epitome of coolness..]

[really cute and fun..and he reacts in such a funny way when you tease him that you don’t feel like stopping…]

Parineeta Toshniwal

[u r nt fo amit taori.]

[tum bohot cute ho yaar…
mjse baat krne ki style nd yes mje satana,mje dono pasand h…feel gd to hv frnd like u…sbse jyada tease kiya h tmne mje,mauka milne do phir batata…]
Parag Manpe


[Baherun jevda cool aahe tevda aanderun hat,,sory hot aahe,,,..]

[Founder of L rule,,..]

List of comments From P to A

Parikshit Zade
a gd frnd nd very clear by hrt..i realisd his grt cmpany at hostl nmbr 5 nd during final year xms…egr to do anythng fr d batch nd frnds..bole to ekdum mast banda

he’s a very sweet guy..very responsible also(read all the short attendance & running around teachers in final year; also the magazine and ganesh festival and other events)!
and i owe you a thank you for saving me from all the people who were teasing me persistently for unknowingly messing up their names on our D.T in 1st year..

he is a nice person.

Parag Deshmukh
Pj maker,
Pankaj Tongse

Pankaj Andelkar

Nitin Chore

. to fb:-)
Nikita Shrivastava

Dn kno whd to write abt her…a happy go lucky type of gal..kitni bhi bkwas kar sakti hai ye ladki aur kisi b topic pe!! I enjoy irritatin u a lot..its fun to spend tym wid u..luv u..

thanx moti 4 lovely comment..lgta hai ajju ki sangati ka asar tjhe b ho gya..he he
luv u too..

a real gem..!!
she is a beautiful kiddo with lots of brains..

Nidhi Jain

wanna talk to u more many times bt coudnt..nywy wtevr moments i spnd in ur cmpany ws grt fr me..ur wy of talking,expresns nd ya ur cuty smile..hmmmmm js so cool nidhi.
i think i ll feel gd if smwher in futur v mt nd u make me realise wd ur behaviour dat yes i ws rit..u r a gd frnd by hrt..
kp smiling..hv a hppy life

like d wy u talk..

thank you so much everyone for the comments..your comments made my day!!

a good person, a true friend!

Kash aap’ A’ batch me na hote,,koi dusari me hote.

u r a nice person often misunderstood…many days when i wouldnt feel like going to clg i would think shayad aaj nidhi mil jaye and that would make my day….nice sense of humor too..

Initiative takers are always opposed..

Nidhi Chaudhar

Neha Chandak

u r tru by hrt nd nature is awsm..

she’s a man made blunder…which unfortunately cant be fixed now..!!
and she’s a DUCK- always quack quack..!

a great friend to have…..remain like this for ur whole life…

u r a nice frnd nehaji..

Chik Chik pak pak

Kya bolati hai re baap…!

Nice gal, always ready to help. N explain u …

Lagti nai hai utni sensitive bt i’ve seen it
Neha Bulkunde

what about reading something different from study..

Pankaj Tongse

dos right thing at right time

Pankaj Jha

undenyable talent

Pankaj Andelkar

Master of the universe..

Tod managemnt skills….

situation kauntihi aaso,,,ha mulga prema prema ne sarv kahi jamavun ghete,.,.

good management,,..


Really u r a master mind,
Studies,parties, n love(s)
Kaise karleta h sb

Neeta Chavhan

Moody abt friendship

Mazi swapn sundari,

Shaant ani sojwal

Mukesh Dadu

Mu mai ram bagal mai churi

comment karne ki ijajat hai kya hazur..

Mrunalini Jagne

she is a total sweetheart..always ready to help, very very innocent..probably one of the first persons i befriended at batch friend..and my marathi teacher..its always fun to hang around with her…n she’ll always have a welcoming smile on her face, and thats why you would always want to call out JAGNEEEEE in the corridors from one end to the other..!

very innocent girl.. be d same always..

Mohit Gharpure

accha banda hai…very grounded..

ground to earth…

Mohd. Zuber

lecture rakhne ne pahele dusro se puch liya karo sir…

Mahesh Suryavanshi

hidden talent still to discover..

Madhuri Tatte

talk freely even when you are public like you talk when there are few close friend..

Kushal Sakure
kuch bhi nahe hai comment karne ko baba..

Kunal Ahuja

a grt rm mate..lovely frnd nd a bindaas personality..bole to thoda hat ke..alwz b der

kbi koi galti hui to mje maaf kr dena…..kyunki main wo jaan bhuj ke hi kr rha tha…..hehehe……
thanku for such a lovely cmment…..always see u as an inspiration…..thanku for just being in life…..

talent mixed with coolness

Manisha Borkar

Had crush on u smtimes ago, bt kuch baate aisi ho gayi ki bhulna pada

mujhe pata hain ye kaun hain!! vishnu!!

Mangesh Chauke

Pura geniune manus ahes

Keshav Jindal

unpredictable i agree…but fun to be with..pakka baniya like we get along pretty well!
i could post my name, but im sure you guessed it already! so i’m posting as anonymous..

sometime polite sometime tough..hard to judge

thnx for such a lovely comment.. nd should i guess who posted it??

Karuna Yedme
It took me long to kno hw beautiful she is at heart…u hv bn wd me thru bad tyms..hamesha mjhe hope deti hai..keep smilin as always!

Kalyani Diwale

u have beautiful hands kalyani.

u r a terrific taleneted and beautiful in ur own ways and i had crush on you once tht too very strng one

Kuni kiti hi mhtl Hattisarkhe Kaan bt Chidu nako
Ur a Cute n Enormously Talentd

A talented cutie..likes children a lot and I thinks like Pink colour and cool stuffs,,,

Jaygosh Wakde

Searching 4 true lov,,,..

I agree…

Nice person,,,but often missunderstood

Dil tutta hai awaz nai hoti,,,
Ye maine tujhse sikha hai,,,
jazbat kisi sarab ki mohtaz nai,,,
Ye bhi maine tujhse sikha hai…

Jara pruthvi var ye,,..

Jara pruthvi var ye,,..

Swatahla khup Shahana samjato.

Chalala udat, any1 cn make u Ullu

n Express karayla Shika

Managing? In what terms?

Hey Jay,
your managing powers are awesome…

Jamila Fani

Truely speaking-chota packet of energy!!!seeing her for d 1st tym no one wd believe dat she s a real bond!! A person very sweet at heart…lucky to hv u..

leave your own life..??
whoever wrote that please correct it to live your own completely scared me with that one..
jamila is a very quiet person, thats what i usd to think…
until one night when she, hetal and neha chandak were there in my room all night..
and i realised why everyone calls her “THE BOND”

u r such a sweetheart fano..

if you put some effort, you can become achieve anything in your life,,,,Just believe in yourself, dont think of others Jamila. Leave your own life…

Himanshu Bayad

yar sahi hai ye comment abse no ego

Why Do u think ur the Only one who Read Wikipedia?
U r the only Guitarist or Singer or Lyricist?
Means yes u r nice one. Bt ego rakhne me fayda kya h

i lv this cmnt … i ll lower it dwn
okay i ll lower it dwn and thnx fr letting me knw this

Hetal Karani

kya baat hai got fans..!
i love messing with her hair..and fighting with her..!

Tjhse aisi baatein sunna hi nrml lagta hai…i l mis u though..

u look beautiful with open hairs and smile on ur face standing in winter sunny mrng

Harshraj Bhendale

he is around ‘Harsh’ is around.

Harshad Wankhade

padhai ka kida,utha liya h pahli bar me radio lene ka bida…
ek batch me hokr b kai baar laga k hm nhi hain…
u r so simpl in relatns nd behav very dis behaviour

Selfiness bddl mala pn complaint ahe

And a little insecure
I make mistakes
I am out of control and
At times hard to handle
But if you cant handle me
At my worst then
U absolutely dnt deserve me
At my best!!

Tula kai kraich ahe.. Mala jasa vatel tasa mi rahel, swatach kam kar adhi

Kya hawa.
Thoda sudhar ja.
Selfishness ki duniya ke bahar dost bh hote hai
Padhai ka tension kam lete ja.

Beta dusryanchi life noko jagu swatachi jag..

Dear ,
swatachi life jagnare dusaryana kadhi asale updesh karat nasatat…
U must b intrestd in othrs life than urs!!!!

Gyaneshwar Game

Hold your nerves till the end of your lectures,,,

Grijesh Paserkar

Ha mulga ki nahi baya aahe

Chal Yaar yeto lehi lete hai

HIGHLY desperate Gijju.

The best one of his Items
‘Sir…your Comb’ lolz

IF you want to show something you it should come natural,,You are best at your place don’t try to be someone else

Gayatri Autkar

i think she’s very helping..! and down to earth… i haven’t seen any attitude or selfishness from her anytime ..

People may say anything but the real person is identified only when you talk to that person directly.

Want to sorry for if We have hurt u?
Bt i hate ur selfishness..sumtimes

Gaurav Garg
Nice person..

Gargi Deshpande

itni bhi khud ki taarif nhi krte yaar .. thodi dusro ko bhi krne deni chahiye..

why this kolapuri kolapuri kolapuri jee…

Dnyanashri Wanjari

tu bohot achhi h re..teri smile b pyari frnd

Dikhti Hai tu Choti
Bar batein moti moti

Dishant Kamdi
Your Anxiety is your enemy.. Please please for God sake try to get reed of it,,

Deepa Sangolkar
Deepa aangholkar..!

thankyu … but i din get the last line moves in d dance.

the most beautiful smile in gmc goes to……………
Dpa Sangolkar.

beauty wit brain,,,,,…

Bhural ghalnari personality

Bt most f d times its hard 2 find a smile on ur face
Moves in d dance.

Bhushan Thombre
he is a nice guy…

hey bhushan..its a great site! im sure you and your team have worked very hard on this!
keep up the good work..
and you’re a very sweet person, stay the way you are..

Thank you Nidhi! And you too also plz be ready always to take difficult but right n wiser decisions. We really need some leaders with that quality.

I agree wd u bhushan..v ll alwyz welcom all such personalities..vikas

happy bday bhushan


u r d real cham of 07….u r a grt frnd too..b d same..grt job..

Hadke Ko Unblock kar aur moderation B band karo…

Well Done Bro

i love ur focus bhushan……hope i had some of it.rt said every one is different and i think it stinks that people cant appreciate someone who is even slightly different from themselves.nice job with the site.

thanks friend

hey i noticed the site today great job man real proud of you.keep up the good work and dont worry about the people who give you hell for not being like them everyone is supposed to be different and you are one of the best people i know. kudos to you


Bhupendra Khobragade

Pan aata six pack cha familiy pack jhala,,,….

6 pack of 07

Baskar Bharadwaj

aur bhaskar bhai….sab bdiya hai na…..

Suraj ke meaning wale log, sabere utne me time kyo lagate…

Ashok Mathe

d bond of 07..
do smthing fr us..

Ashish Markad

baba marko ki jay…

hi kay krte tumi markad sahib??

evde sagle goolmaal kase manage kartos re tuu babaa…

Ashima Saxena

great comments for you ashima..take the hairstyle one seriously..
i think she’s the most talented person i’ve come across in our college..
she’s the one who can party all day long, have fun, continuously talk during lectures, bunk college, have a hangover on the exam day and ace!!
sometimes i wish i was like her in some aspects!

i rate u very highly….talking to u is such fun and u r very helpful.

dont make dat hairstyle again plzzzzzzzzz

Forword attitude in ture sense… If someone should have attitude then it should be like this not cheap like others

Arti Kirange
Chiuu??? ha ha ha

Little chew eat something….

Arshad Ansari

Nice Mind,..
He is good…ab tumko galiya aati ho. Sbke saamne de sako..that doesn’t mean u r great.

way too simple…yet stubborn

Arshad Ali

Arshad for me:


Arpit Shrivastava

he’s a very different person..sometimes he has his animated movies, mumma boy avatar and sometime he’ll be a geek, or all “MACHO MAN” type..!!
I think he has a good sense of humour, speaks less but to the point, nothing less and nothing more..(i know he takes another form with the guys)

humaare saamne hamesha sir jhuka ke khada hona padta hai bechaare ko..thats coz of his amazing height!

one more thing,
he knows how to behave himself in front of women..and thats one quality i really like and hardly get to see in boys these days..
its nice to have him around in college..

a single comment is not enough for telling your persistence bro… i bow to your that quality and definitely you are humble and ground to earth… be remain like that very few people are left with the rare talent of humbleness… keep it up

Ankush Kawalkar

GMC CHA student ahe ki Sewagram Wardha

Ankita Paunikar

So many ear rings..looks beautiful..

dressing style is awesome…

Ankita Grover

Good n slimtrim

one of the awesomest person i have known in gmc… so much to learn from her. bohot aage jaegi life me..

Anirudh Gupta
Respect dene se respect milti hai…

anna abto kuch krlo!!

Anindya Gupta

non stop pakar pakar..he can speak on any topic..and by that i literally mean any..
a very good friend..someone you can totally rely on..for anything…
but remember he will handle you for the time being but tease the hell out of you later on..
and he never ever forgets anything..which he can make fun of..
he even remembers the menu card with prices of every food item on the list..
he’s a nagpur directory also..
and a big big SUNNY DEOL fan..which sometimes is very annoying..RIGHT YA WRONG?

u r soo cute…

gupta ji ghar ja rhe ya yhi?

Anil Tapadiya

evedi changli marathi kuthun shikli,,,

Aniket Wadal

biceps ka size kya hai bhai,……

Anant Saraf

Really nice guy…

Amruta Salve
Kharach khup god distes yaar
Means its nt a flattery
Really … Jar adhi bhetli astis tar propose nakki kel ast

Amit Ugile

awsm person. gr8 frnd. nice attitude. will be there for you! nd i like d way u speak!

Amit Tawri

gd wn being teasd or teasing bad while angry or nt in mood..ovrall nice frnd..had alot of fun 2gedr n hope fr d same in futur..aur uske liye to hmesha competitn krunga..he he he

ll u marry toshniwal or js timpas..??
if nt den leav her nw..

Abe taori, sale dusri ldkiyo pe line marna bnd kr… Bahut mar khayega saale… Mind it!!!

Amit Ilamkar

Dr Ilamkar reporting at AIRPORT SIR

Amit Gupta

Kabhi Naturally insaano jaise hasa kar

Alice Sawarbandhe

you are a good person the world needs more people like u

Akash Khune

very good frd.. kuni kahi hi mhanal tari tu badlu nko aakash.. tu jasa ahes tasa khup changala ahes..

is college main sabse pehe robbins kisne khatam ki?
is college main sabse pehle harrison kisne khatamm ki?
is college main sabse pehli gf kiski bani?
is college main sabse pehle bike kiski aayi?
is college main sabse tod kaun?
P.S. the answer to all above is definitely not Akash.

Thodi limit me pheka kar?

Baki dil ka to achcha hai tu?

Ajinkya Rodge

what shud i say about him that has not been spoken???

his gaotie (not rishabh gothi) and stubbles or watever style he adapts,everything has attitude….
sometimes i feel how does he do that??
keeps rum so clean and every thing at its place in a room in a hostel……imagine…

and iwud not say abt anything else he wud not like me to divulge at social netwoking site….

u r a great friend and i want u to be like u r…….do hell with me ,utsav and the whole world….
thanku for being in my life…..

his attitude,dressing,photography,rm decoratn,wy of reactingg in sm tuf situatns,ready alwz fr chikn wd me,his respect nd ofcours colleg me charche..i like evrythng..real dude of our grp nd a fantastic frnd…lov d wy u live AJ…

Wish u a very hppy bday AJ..v r celebrating ur bday evn in ur absenc by going to radio..missing u yaar..jaldi aao

goa is d best place for him…q ajinkya true or not???

ya. true, absolutely tru

dude PG me lagne k baad kya kroge abi sbkuch kr liya to..

kaha kuch kiya h yaar? bohot kuch bacha h abhi

Ajay Solanki

you r a very good and talented person…u have one thing which many others dont…my respect..

Aditya Prakash

shadi kb kr rhe??

Abhishek Kumbhare

Thiny rare talent.

Abhisheik Balgude

He is nice boy..

bahut aage jaaega ladka, par pehle bhagna shuru kar. zindagi ki raftar bahut tej hain, pich reh jaaega itne wajan k saath

you are the best… have gr8 determination….i envy ur determination and yes u r my best buddy.hope that i dont need to tell u my name;)

He is right you really have….

balu bhai abto thoda kam kro aage bohot bhagam bhag hai..

He has potential to achieve great heights in his life

Abhijeet Morwal

Simple and nice as well as I think he is reliable too…

Last Few Days Of Mega Fish Hunt Event Remains

There are just few days of the Mega Fish Hunt Event for 2007  is remained after which all the comments(hundreds of them) will be published for the public and the most funny comments will be nominated and selected by you. So be ready to have more fun at GMC NAGPUR students site.

Last Date:8th February 2012

Another Blog by 2008 Batch Students Exclusively For Quiz Related Information

Ameya and Pankaj Jeswani of 2008 batch have taken an initiative by making a new blog exclusively for Quiz Related information, their blog is called as QUIZ CLUB and you can visit it at

Hope they will keep the site updated.

Joke for a day!

It is recounted that at King’s College in the Strand around the time of the war, the Chief of Services would inevitably begin the year’s rounds by teaching “a singularly important principle of medicine.” He asked a nurse to fetch him a sample of urine. He then talked at length about diabetes mellitus. “Diabetes,” he said, “is a Greek name; but the Romans noticed that the bees like the urine of diabetics, so they added the word mellitus which means sweet as honey. Well, as you know, you may find sugar in the urine of a diabetic…” By now, the nurse had returned with a sample of urine which the registrar promptly held up like a trophy. We stared at that straw colored fluid as if we had never seen such a thing before. The registrar then startled us. He dipped a finger boldly into the urine, then licked his finger with the tip of his tongue. As if tasting wine, he opened and closed his lips rapidly. Could he perhaps detect a faint taste of sugar? The sample was passed on to us for an opinion. We all dipped a finger into the fluid, all of us foolishly licked that finger.”Now,” said the Registrar grinning, “you have learned the first principle of diagnosis. I mean the power of observation.” We were baffled. We stood near the sluice room outside the ward, and in the distance some anonymous patient was explosively coughing.”You see,” the registrar said continuing triumphantly, “I dipped my MIDDLE finger into the urine, but licked my INDEX finger, not like all you chaps.”

Exam Results MBBS

MUSH tentitive date for MBBS results is 19th Feb 2012.

A scam at AIIMS busted

Mega Fish Hunt 2012

               This New Year in 2012 GMC Nagpur Blog is presenting “Mega Fish Hunt 2012” for 2007 batch. Before leaving the college tell our batch-mates what you like in them & what you don’t, tell them what they should change and what they should not? Tell them whatever you think they should know and you think about them!

         And Of Course this all thing can be told Anonymously, which means no name of the comment maker will be displayed! So be ready to make funny comments on the others as well as be ready to read the same on yours!

           Mega Fish Hunt 2012 will be started!

Event will be open form 7th January and till 8th February.

And Ofcourse Share this Event with our batch-mates.

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