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NEET PG 2013: An expert Review On Supreme Court Decisions(2nd April)


(OK! But who is fighting for me?)

NEET PG 2013: An Expert Review On Supreme Court Decision

We are here with Dr. Anantprakash Saraf, an intern at the GMC Nagpur of 2007 Batch. He is generally the one the who get us the news about the various exams like NEET PG Exam, even before rest of the India knows about it. He is giving us up to date information about the NEET PG Cases going on in Supreme Court since the beginning. He is aware of the NEET PG Supreme Court Case since when the first case against the NEET PG and MCI , is filed by CMC Vellore. So we expect from him some of the insight regarding the NEET PG Cases going on the Supreme Court.

1. Hi Anant. Please tell us about actually who and over What topics they are  Fighting in the Supreme Court in the NEET PG case?


Private medical colleges, deemed universities and two states Tamil Nadu and Andhra pradesh are fighting against MCI and Union of India for seeking exemption from NEET PG and UG examinations as notified by MCI under  law by two gazette notifications in year 2010 and 2012..

The main and common point of conflict is to which extent the statutory regulatory body under the constitution of India i.e. MCI can regulate  medical admissions of private aided or unaided, minority or non  minority institutions..

2. Please tell us about the NEET PG Cases in the Supreme Court, whatever happened till date in short from the beginning till date?


It all started in 2010 when MCI was dissolved and a new board of Governers was constituted by Government of India. Taking cue from suggestions made by Supreme Court itself MCI came up with Gazette Notification of NEET PG. Some private colleges and CMC Vellore moved to the court against it. MCI got a nod for conducting NEET PG from court in such a case. Then in 2011 came up a document from MCI BOG called VISION 2015 proposing reforms in medical education and MCI decided to go ahead with NEET PG Examination from 2012. In the meanwhile MCI again got a go ahead from the  Supreme Court in another case.

In between all the confusion and uncertainties MCI got a jolt from AIIMS, New Delhi which expressed incapacity to conduct such a big exam. So MCI again issued a gazette notification in February 2012 and asked NBE(National Board of Examination) to conduct NEET PG Examination. With all secrecy every one kept mum till September’12 end, when shockingly came the NEET PG Exam notification. Then followed a series of litigation’s against MCI in courts all over India by Private Colleges. MCI requested Supreme court to transfer all cases to Apex court and club them, thus was born the mega case of NEET Transfer Case (Civil) 98/2012.

As there are over 75 Private colleges as petitioner, each counsel taking its own long time to put up arguments, case is seeming to extend till eternity…

3.  What is the current position of the NEET PG Case in Supreme Court and  What is the Verdict Expected to come taking in consideration the  discussions done up till now?


Case is listed for further hearing on 2nd April.. Court is listing the case on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday every week, but hearing being uncertain due to many reasons. With barely 15 hearings remaining before court goes on vacation(from 13 may till 1st July), chances of early verdict seem dismal.

Nothing can be guessed about final verdict, as it completely depends on constitutional interpretation and the sense of justice of the Judges of Chief  Justice’s court..

4. In whose favor is the Supreme Court Result is expected to come?


As I said no one can predict.. But if we see the history of verdicts  in many important cases, it may be a mixed verdict.. I mean some   points of both the parties may be considered..

5.Is there any estimation about about when the NEET PG 2013 Result Declaration will be done?


Most likely after final Supreme Court Verdict, as chief justice has already rejected  plea for interim order for results about 20 times!!

6.Please also explain about the Holi holidays of Supreme Court?


Who am I to explain this? With all due respect to the Supreme Court, Me too find it absurd and weird that when more than 3 crore cases are  pending in courts of India, how can they have Holi vacation of 1 week  and summer vacation of one and half months!

No contempt of court intended..

7.What is the status of NEET PG 2014? Will it happen or not, please explain?What about All India Exam?


While the concept of ‘NEET’ hangs in balance, one thing is sure that there will be an exam for 50% quota seats even if MCI looses.. Now whether that will be called NEET or AIPG is  uncertain.. Whether MCI  asks AIIMS or NBE to conduct that, one thing is most likely that it  will be a CBT i.e. Computer based test, because its safer, world wide  tested and trusted method and AIIMS is also debuting this MAY in the  world of CBT..

8.What should the students selected in the other exams like(JIPMER and   NIMHANS) should do? Should they take the seat or wait for NEET PG 2013  Result?


These are ‘institutes of national importance’ and those lucky and super talented people selected are wise enough to take their own decisions.. Best luck to all of them..

9. Anything you want the readers should know about the what happening  with us and tips for other students? Any advice to seniors if possible?


No tips.. Mujhe khud tips ki jarurat hai..

Thank you Anant for giving us this valuable insight into what’s actually going on in the NEET PG Supreme Court Case and telling us over actually what topics they are fighting…..We all hope that the result will come soon and our misery will end.

If you want to ask questions or just drop a word about the post supporting or opposing what is being discussed please do reply in comments.. It will be a great encouragement and Anant might try to clear to our doubts.

And most importantly please share this post with your colleagues on Facebook and Twitter, if you find it even little interesting to read….

NEET PG 2013: An expert Review On Supreme Court Decisions

There are many question currently on going in the mind of every medical student in the India.

  1. What does just happened? The NEET exam is preponed from the estimated date the NEET Exam Results are delayed for indefinite time? What types of sins we have done in last life?
  2. What is the current position of case of NEET in Supreme Court and what are the verdict which are expected to come through the cases?
  3. What are they actually fighting about in the Supreme Court about NEET PG Entrance Exam?
  4. What are the status of the NEET Entrance Exam 2014? Will it happen of will it just be All India Exam like last year?
  5. What should we do now? Take admission in the colleges like NIMHANS  and JIPMER if you are selected or to wait for the NEET ENTRANCE 2013 result?
  6. What’s the future if the NEET PG result does not come by July? And the concerns about the Supreme courts Holi Holidays?

All these topics will be discussed by our expert on the topic who is following the supreme court cases on NEET PG  since 2013, a student of GMC Nagpur and a very talented person Dr. Anant Saraf. Tune up for the getting the insight into the NEET PG and Supreme Court.

Here we are with the post. You can now read it on:

AIPGMEE 2012 Exams Result

AIPORTANT NOTICE Date: 14-02-2012 Postponement of Declaration of Result of AIPGMEE-2012 This is for information to the candidate who appeared in All India PG Medical/ Dental Entrance Examination 2012 that Directorate General of Health Services has filed an I.A. before Hon’ble Supreme Court of India for seeking permission to do on-line counseling ( on-line seat allotment) in place of counseling by personal appearance and increasing number of candidate allotment process. In this connection the result of All India PG Medical/Dental Entrance Examination 2012 will be declared in due course of time after getting approval from the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India

NEET PG Entrance Test Syllabus and the Course

NEET – PG 2012 Entrance Examination:

• Common syllabus throughout the country

Subject wise allocation of marks:

• In PG entrance examination, distribution of marks would be as per relevance of the subjects, with

clinical subjects carrying more weight age than pre and paraclinical subjects.

Type of Paper/Questions:

• The PG and DM/MCh entrance examination papers would have multiple types of MCQs, namely

single response (Section A – 60%), multiple T/F, images, assertion/reasoning questions and patient

management questions (Section B – 40%).

Generation of questions & preparation of validated question bank:

• In case of PG and DM/ MCh entrance , there will be a single paper of 180 questions of 3 hours


• Each question will carry one mark. There will be negative marking for wrong answer (0.25 marks).

• Questions generated during dedicated workshop sessions would be validated by a second

independent group. A minimum of 2000 questions need to be made in the beginning and this bank can

be gradually increased.



Setting of Question Paper:

• In PG and DM/ MCh entrance examination, there will be a single paper of 180 questions of 3 hours

duration. Each question will carry one mark.

Conduct of Examination:

• The PG entrance exam would be conducted at the end of the internship in Mid January- mid

February as is the current practice. In future the common exam will be held at the start of internship

as candidates.

• Candidates who have completed internship or those expecting to complete by March 31, 2012 will be

eligible to take the examination.

• It will be notified in August 2011 with applications collected by September end.

• The admit cards will be dispatched by middle of November 2011.

• The examination will be online type conducted in the middle of January, 2012 and the number of

sessions etc. will be finalized after the feasibility is explored.

• The MD/MS courses will commence from May 2, 2012.

• The candidates aspiring for direct 5-year Neurosurgery and neurology super-specialty or similar

courses will have to take this NEET-PG examination for the courses commencing in August.

• There will be a common paper with 180 MCQs at MBBS standard to be answered in 3 hours.

Examination centers:

• Centers would allocated depending on the number of applicants from each region.

• To prevent impersonation biometric data (finger prints, photo and signature) of each candidate

would be collected and matched at the time of admission. This work can be outsourced to agencies

involved in conducting other large scale national level examinations.


• Presently minimum of 50% marks are required by a general candidate and 40% by other categories

for admission.

• The merit list may be prepared using percentile score and there may not be any cut-off level. Both

all India and state wise lists will be prepared and sent to respective Governments to fill the All-India

and state seats.

Tie Breaks:

• For PG entrance examination, tie break will be resolved by marks in Section B (patient management

questions) and student scoring higher marks will be placed higher. If there is still a tie it will be

resolved by marks in the assertion/reasoning questions.

Online Conduct of Examinations :

• For DM/MCH & PG entrance examination, it may be possible to conduct online examination as the

numbers of candidates are low.

Cost of Examination and fees:

• In PG entrance examination, an application fee of Rs. 3000 would be charged. The cost of conduct of

examination will be approximately Rs. 1000 per student besides cost of generating a question bank


• If online exam is done than the charges may be higher: An application fee of Rs 5000 would be

charged. The cost of examination will be approximately Rs 4000 per student besides cost of

generating a question bank.

Note :

1. Only MCI or a body designated by it will be responsible for conduct of the examination and

preparation of national and state merit lists.

2. It may be noted that Jammu and Kashmir and Andhra Pradesh are protected by articles 371A and

371D of Constitution of India respectively (Presidential order). Accordingly, the two states will not be

participating the national pool.




3. An independent examination cell with a controller of examination will need to be to maintain the

components related to confidentiality. Controller of examinations would be full-time senior medical

specialist with experience in MCQ-based examinations and related information technology issues.

a. The examination cell shall be in the premises of MCI with costs of infrastructure development and

maintenance recovered from the examination fee.

b. For software development, a request for proposal (RFP) will be prepared and forwarded to the 3

software companies shortlist during technical evaluation by MCI on an earlier occasion.


of first NEET-PG 2012 “2000” question bank preparation)


Members Of Examination Working Group (For The Very First NEET – PG 2012 “2000

Question Bank Preparation”)

• Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education & Research, Chandigarh – 160012 ,

• Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research, Dhanvantri Nagar,


• Bhopal Memorial Hospital and Research Centre,Bhopal

• Sanjay Gandhi Postgraduate Institute of Medical Sciences, Raibarelly, Lucknow

• All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Ansari Nagar, New Delhi-110029

• Lady Hardinge Medical College,Shaheed Bhagat Singh Marg, Connaught Place, New Delhi – 110001

• Nizam’s Institute of Medical Sciences (NIMS), Hyderabad

• S.M.S. Medical College, JLN Marg, Jaipur-302004 (Rajasthan)


COLLEGE etc.. PG entrance test in year 2012?

ANS : No. There will be only one NEET PG 2012.

FAQ : Will there be DNB-CET 2012?

ANS : No

FAQ : Is it possible to take admission in a Private Medical College (UG or PG) without taking



FAQ : What about Counseling?


• There may be Multiple Counseling according to Both NATIONAL MERIT LIST and STATE WISE LIST.

• A private medical college recognized by State medical council not recognized by MCI will take


• A Private medical college recognized by MCI may take admission through NATIONAL MERIT LIST.

• DNB may conduct independent centralize Counseling according to NATIONAL MERIT LIST.(but will

not conduct any test)

• Army may conduct independent Counseling according to NATIONAL MERIT LIST.


• Millions start counting yourself.


• Big trauma to the mushroomed coaching institutes.

• Big trauma to the mushroomed various PG entrance exam guide writers.

Note :

• NEET is very similar to USMLE.

• For USMLE u need to read books like NMS, BRS, KAPLANS, HIGH YIELD etc.. type of books, which is

written by authentic professors. Not by students…

• NMS is the base book published by USMLE which provide a syllabus and study material in Medical

School in USA. (like NCERT books in secondary Board in India)

• There will be common syllabus & MCI will provide NMS like base books for MBBS & NEET in India in

near future (within 2-3 yrs.) (like NCERT books in secondary Board). That will be your base book and

syllabus for MBBS and NEET.

• Many professors may come up with their own modified and enhanced books based on common

syllabus and base books provided by MCI for MBBS.(same like BRS,KAPLANS, HIGH YIELD etc..)

Ref: 1.


3. MCI Members

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