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MEDICALPGQ-The Med MCQ channel

       It is a free mobile sms service just like prepgmedicos and pulseofmedicose started by our college’s student Ameya who will sending mcqs on this channel.

        To join.
On 9870807070.



1) Not a feature of Stein Leventhal syndrome?

a) Incresed Androgens

b) Incresed or normal estrogen

c) Galactorrhoes

d) Increased LH


2) HPV associated with adenocarcinoma of cervix?

a) Type 6   b)18 c) 11 d)42

3) Main estrogen in reproductive year, pregnancy and Menopause(Separate for each one)?


4) After   ______ hrs of LH peak ovulation occurs.


5) First Polar body is formed at which time?


Five questions to start with. Please answer in the comments the first who will give all the five answers correctly will be the winner. If not all the five the maximum correct answerer will be the winner at the end of week. Good Luck!

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