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Youth Empowerment and Skills WorkshopA powerful life-skills program, that charges the youth with a fresh breath of vigor, enthusiasm, excellence and responsibility. YES!+ enables you to absorb the freshness, the repose and all the positivity around you, and helps you discharge stress, inhibitions, bad habits, and barriers.YES!+ is a brilliant mix of antiquity and the contemporary. It is a smooth blend of ancient wisdom, yoga, pranayama breath control, and meditation, fused with contemporary intellectual exchanges, music and games. And of-course it includes Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s powerful and famous breathing technique, the Sudarshan Kriya. via Youth Empowerment Seminar Plus | Course for Youngsters | The Art of Living.  

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The is Yes Plus course organized in our college by Ms. Nanda Madam under the guidance of Dr. Patil madam form the OBS dept.. So if any one interested in the course contact Dr. Patil mam you can collect the form for the submission from her. Following are the details about the events.

Venue:   TT Hall, GMC NAGPUR

Date: From 6th October onwards for 5 days

Time: Everyday from 8 am to 12 am

Fees: One time fee 1000/- INR.

N.B.:- This fees is a one time fee and is to be paid for once which will enable you for all the future courses for the n number of times(For the YES + course only.)

Any one interested please contact Dr. Patil madam. Limited entries appox. 60 as said by mam. 🙂

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